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30 Years in the Making

30 Years in the Making

Thirty years is a long time. Like…a long, long time. Yet, it somehow feels like yesterday when you are standing on the now side of thirty years.

Today was a very special day for my family. You see, on a hot July day in 1986 we lost a very huge part of our family to a senseless, violent crime.

Bobbie Crimm was my grandmother. My daddy’s mother. She was a fun-loving, outgoing, jewel of a woman who adored her family. When she was taken from us so violently no one was prepared. No one was ready. No one fully understood what kind of hole had just been ripped into the core of our family.


Over the past thirty years Bobbie’s family has changed drastically. There have been a whole lot of weddings (and divorces); babies born (and lost); hearts broken (and healed); and loved ones who have joined her on the other side.

Our family has endured many, many changes over the past thirty years. We were once a family who gathered regularly for holidays and special events. We took vacations together and filled restaurants to the gills. When you saw one of us…more than likely you were gonna see several of us at the same time. It was actually funny in high school because everyone knew the “Crimm Kids”…nobody could tell you who belonged to who, but it didn’t matter. They knew that the Crimm’s stuck together and that was all they needed to know.

As time has ticked away, our family has gradually shifted and separated. We don’t get to see each other regularly anymore. Most of the time we only cross paths if we are at a ball game, school event, grocery store, wedding, or funeral. Once every five years as many as possible travel to Montgomery to a Parole Hearing wearing our matching t-shirts and carrying her memory with us in our faces and our names. The shear number of people who attend those hearings each round says a lot about the heinous crime that the parolee committed.

When she died, there were certain things that we, as a family were not able to do for her…or ourselves. Today, we all came together to honor her in a way we couldn’t back then. It was special to be able to be in the Mountains (her favorite place on this earth), early in the morning, at the bottom of a waterfall with as many of the family members as possible.

Naturally, not everyone in her family was able to make the trip, but all five of her children, ten of her grandchildren, twenty-three of her great-grandchildren, her sister, one niece, and a whole slew of in-laws and friends were able to be there today. What a blessing!

I know that she would have been so happy to have everyone together. And, honestly…it made us all happy to be together as well.  Like every family, we have our share of problems…however today we set those aside and just focused on the life that our loved one lived…and lost…thirty years ago.

I can only speak for myself, but I feel sure that everyone who attended the memorial today felt a common emotion: Love.

Together we as a family have endured it, given it, lost it, yearned for it, learned from it, and grown closer because of it. Family is a special gift that not all are given…I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to be a part of a big one.

As we go into this week of Thanksgiving, please seek out your loved ones. Families are made up of all kinds of things…not just blood. Hug your people close and spend as much time as possible with them, because you never know when they might turn into a memory. When memories are all you have, thirty years can feel like an eternity.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Y’all…and always remember you are loved!


Can I Get An Update?


Welp, it has been a while since my last post. I just have to tell you that life has been BUSY! It is funny to me when people stop me in the store or shoot me a text asking where I went! LOL…so for those of you who want to know or are just plain curious about what the Hubbert Girls have been up to lately…here’s the rundown:

First, (because I know y’all all wanna know!) Bo and I are back together (yay!). We had several discussions and after being apart for about a week, we both decided that life without one another was just not fun. He and I have both had enough of not fun in life…so we have decided to just have fun together and enjoy each day as it comes. There is something very freeing about that decision.  There’s no pressure, no high expectations, and no worrying about things that are not worth worrying about! So, we are trying to find new and exciting things to do together with our kids and each other. So far, things are working out fantastically!! I have no clue where we will end up, but for now (and the foreseeable future!) we are gonna have as much fun as we possibly can!

Second, I have spoken at two different churches and one lady’s group recently…and I have more events scheduled on my calendar!!! I honestly cannot tell you how excited I am about all of these opportunities! God continues to open doors for me to share my story and it is so exciting! I have said many times that I never dreamed God wanted me to tell my own story. However, I see now that by sharing my story (as painful as it is) I am spreading His message and that is just awesome! My story is not about me…it is about what God has done through me that is important. I am so excited about the future and the things He has planned that I don’t know anything about yet! I still miss Greg Hubbert more than you could possibly imagine, but I know I’ll get to see him again one day. I remind myself daily that this life…these hectic days…these worries…this unique loneliness…is only temporary. I’m not sure the “missing him” part will ever go away, but it doesn’t threaten to consume me as badly as it once did. I know that this world is not my home…but it is where I have to live my life right now and I have to live it without Greg here with me. That reality is HARD, but I am determined to make the best of it! Greg wanted me to do that…and I want to do it for myself and our girls. Why choose sadness when there are so many fun and exciting things left to do?! It is a daily choice we all have to make…no matter what our circumstances are in life.

Third,  I’ve made some pretty big decisions on my own lately. One of the biggest was selling Greg’s truck and buying a vehicle for us to travel in. Talk about a huge decision! It was a big deal for me. The girls have been beyond excited about it though. It is not new, but it is new to us and we all three love it!  We even decided to get a personalized car tag (which I have never had before!). We talked about it and came up with a logo for ourselves. Building our ministry base, self-publishing books, and building a small business requires a logo or name…so we are going with “3 Girl Hill”! Look for us on Instagram, Facebook and lots of other places around town soon!

Lastly, we found out that ‘Burdens‘ is doing really well online! Yahoo! It is overwhelming to see something that I wrote actually being purchased by people whom I may never meet! Talk about weird! It is sooooo weird! But, if God will continue to use the words inside those covers to bless other people…then I can deal with a little weirdness! I believe it is called living on Faith! I have to be ready and willing to go outside of my own comfort zone and fully depend on God to take me (and the girls) where He wants us to go. I gotta say…so far it’s been a pretty good ride.

I reckon that catches everyone up on the latest Hubbert Girl’s adventures! I am writing and working on my second book and hope to have it finished by the end of the year. It is difficult to put a hard time limit on it though…because it is writing itself everyday. I’m going with my gut instinct on when I feel like it is finished. I’m not there yet.

Thanks for reading my little diary. Thanks for taking the time to pray for us. Thanks for continuing to share your stories with us, and thanks for encouraging us to keep going. Sometimes, that is easier said than done! Y’all will never know or understand how much your positive encouragement means to me and the girls. We love seeing and talking to folks all over the place…so if you see us out give us a shout! And, there is not a shy bone in Bo Gray’s body…so feel free to give him a shout as well! I can’t promise he won’t talk your ear off though….LOL!

Until next time…enjoy the little things y’all! Encourage one another…love one another..and just be kind to one another. Our crazy, jacked up world needs a whole lot more kindness…that’s for sure! Toodles….