Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

It’s HERE! It’s finally HERE!! The month of May is FINALLY here!

My girls and I have been looking forward to this month since before Christmas. We knew it was gonna be tough, but we are beyond excited!! Building a house, publishing a book, graduating 4th grade, turning double digits, taking the ACT Aspire for the first (and second) time, wrapping up softball with out of town games, and preparing to move may have the three of us a tad bit stressed out…and maybe a lot scatterbrained, but who cares?! It’s time to hit the road (and air!), Jack!  Let the traveling begin!!travel-quotes-diane-arbus

We have been packing for days! The list of things we have to complete before Wednesday will probably make me cry before it’s all checked off…

BUT that’s totally fine by me. The Hubbert girls are headed to see the world!large


First stop: Upstate New York! Last year Greg had planned to take Maggie to New York turkey hunting for her birthday. The weather prevented them from making the trip so my Daddy made sure she got the opportunity to go this year. Y’all know I wasn’t gonna let her go alone…sooooo me and Linnie are jumping on that jet plane too!





When we get back from New York we will have three whirlwind days at home…then it’s time to leave again! The list of things that we have to do in those three days is unbelievable…but it won’t stop us from being excited!!



I honestly have no idea where all we are headed…all I know is we are going North and West. Look for blogs along the way…and feel more than free to shoot us suggestions of places to stop if you see us near a cool dot on the map!



Don’t worry…we aren’t going alone. Nor will the house go untouched. Thankfully I have family who are more than willing and capable of making sure things get done. I couldn’t make it without them that’s for sure! We tend to work and travel in packs….image6c2b21a03e35d700e0d254ea77f68ba2


The girls and I truly cannot wait for this awesome adventure. Seeing as much of this world as we can is definitely on our bucket lists. I’m reasonably sure that my two mini’s are ruined for life! I should probably apologize to their future spouses now. Greg and I have totally created monsters and we could have cared less! I wouldn’t take anything for the memories we made together over the years. All I can say is I hope God prepares those boys for lots of travel, because my girls are hooked! One thing I have learned in the past eight months is to never take one day for granted. This life is a treasure and each minute is a gift of its own. Don’t wait until “later”  to chase your dreams….because you might not get a “later”.  Material things are easily replaced… memories are not. We plan on making as many of them as humanely possible between the three Hubbert girls with the time we have been given. Work hard…play harder…that’s our moto! So, Load up y’all…it’s time to hit the road!


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