What. A. Day.


I’m telling you what…it is a GREAT thing that days like today don’t happen very often. Believe me…today was the MONDAY’EST MONDAY EVER! Ughhhhhhhh.

I started the day off at home with the girls. We started straightening up and just took it slow getting up and going. Jed was here and he had a big crew with him. I knew that they were going to be working on the last of the wood in the main living area, so we tried to stay out of his way.

Around 10:00 I walked out there and that’s when the chaos that would become my day started. There were several things that I needed to decide on and so I did that pretty quickly. Jed said that if I went and picked up my hardwood, he could get his guys to help me unload it. I thought that was a great idea…so the girls and I literally jumped in the truck, backed up to the trailer, and took off to Sumiton.


Only, before I could leave I had to call Lawrence’s because they had delivered the wrong wood the other day and we just noticed it. Jed also needed some felt paper for the walls…and I needed to get some diesel fuel for the truck. I was kinda worked up before I left…not to mention I didn’t time to change clothes or put on makeup. Time was of the essence, so I was hurrying.

I called Amy and (bless her!) she came to get the felt and take it back to Jed for me. I put $50.00 worth of fuel in my truck, got the girls a drink, and we took off. Oh! And, I was informed that they were completely out of the wood I needed at the store and they had no clue when I could expect more. Wonderful.

The girls and I finally got on the road and followed a lumber truck (funny coincidence!) all the way to the end of 102…where we sat and waited on a train to crawl by for twenty minutes.

Finally, we got back moving and Bo called. He was coming into Sumiton and we were passing through Dora. We decided to meet at Sonic and grab something to eat since we were in the same part of the world unexpectedly.

Thirty minutes later, we said goodbye and went to see David and Stacy at the flooring store. We managed to load all of the hardwood for my house, 27 sheets of durock, and tile on the truck and trailer pretty easily. The hardwood was wrapped on a pallet…BUT in my hurry to get back to Fayette (an hour away) I forgot to strap it down on the trailer. Go Emily!


I knew it was going to be a slow ride back and by this point it was nearing 2:00. I wasn’t sure what time Jed was going to be leaving and I knew I couldn’t unload all of this stuff by myself when I got home. Let’s not forget that not only did I have volleyball practice at 4:45 in Fayette…the girls also had softball practice at 5:45 in Winfield. I had worked out a plan with Brandice who had to be in Fayette at the vet to take my kids back to Winfield with her and she had planned to pick them up from me at volleyball. I have awesome friends like that…THANK THE LORD!

Well, everything went just fine from Sumiton…to Jasper….to the I-22 corridor…to 124 towards Townley. I was driving carefully and everything seemed to be going great…until I went around a curve and lost 5 boxes of wood. Since I was in a curve, the wood fell for a good half mile before I could get to a place to pull over. I spent the next thirty-five to forty minutes picking up hardwood that was scattered all down the side of the fire-ant, dead animal littered, garbaged packed side of the road. I made the girls sit tight in the truck and I made a million trips back and forth to the truck trying to save as much of my lost wood as possible. During this fiasco I was nearly run over three times by 18-wheelers flying past me and the train drowned out the sound of cars coming so I was in constant terror that someone was going to hit me from behind while I was running down the side of the road with an armload of wood!

I finally finished gathering my lost wood, and breathlessly I climbed into the bed of my truck and fished out my rachet straps from my toolbox. Ten minutes later, I had the straps on tight, the wood was on the trailer, and I was ready to take my ant bitten arms back to the steering wheel.

When I climbed back into the truck, Maggie said I had three missed calls. One was Bo, one was Jed, one was Stacy. They all needed me to call them back as soon as possible. Ok…I would call them in a minute.

I turned my truck and trailer around in a spot barely big enough to drive into (yes…my truck is long-wheelbased with tires that are too wide so they rub every time I turn my steering wheel) and headed towards Fayette…again.

I pulled out into the road and had gone about a quarter of a mile when I checked my mirrors and what did I see???? SMOKE coming from the driver’s side tire on the trailer. Wonderful!

So, again I looked for a place to pull over so I could see why it was smoking when I was going all of 35 miles an hour at this point.

I got out and looked at the tire…the weight of the wood had shifted and the fender of the trailer wheel well was cutting into the brand new tire. Soooooo, I unhooked my rachet straps, moved all of the wood I could back towards that middle of the trailer…got my hammer out of my toolbox….and pulled the fender out so that it wasn’t able to touch the tire anymore…put the rachet straps back on the wood…put the hammer back into the toolbox…and climbed one more time back into the driver’s seat. Surely NOW we could get going again!

I eased forward…checked my mirrors…and started to pull back onto the road. ONLY, this time when I checked my mirrors my driver’s side tire on my trailer was wobbling IN and OUT with each turn it made. I remember thinking…what is it doing THAT for? So, I eased onto the road and watched it (and the 18-wheeler that flew up behind me) as I drove onto the road. Exactly 5 turns of the wheel later I pulled off of the road AGAIN because I knew that the wheel was about to fall off of my trailer.


That’s when I got mad. I jumped out of the truck, walked back to the trailer, and kicked the stupid wheel….hard. It leaned in where I kicked it. Now, you have to understand…I was in the middle of Walker County…by the mines…on a deserted road with no houses…no car charger for my almost dead cell phone…with two little girls…no gun…a loaded down truck and trailer…and a wheel that was literally falling off of said wheel. Can you say “best situation EVER”???!!!

I called Bo who said, “It’s probably a bearing…just ease down the road…you should be fine. Just go slow” in a slow, easy voice.

I responded by yelling at him. LOUD. You see, I understood that I was a sitting duck…and I was ticked. Bo, could not see…did not know…exactly what all had been going on for the past hour…and he did not see that the wheel was literally about to fall off of my fully loaded trailer…in the middle of nowhere.

After apologizing…and making sure that he knew I needed help…I posted my pitiful situation on FB using most of the 20% of my cell phone battery in the process. I needed someone to know where we were if we never came back. Ya know?

Several phone calls and texts from friends and family later…Bo arrived. Bless him…he stopped to help. Unlike the Sheriff’s Deputy who just passed me like I wasn’t even standing on the side of the road alone…with my girls hanging their head out of the window looking at me. I guess he had more important things to worry about than a woman stranded on a deserted road in a loaded down truck with two little girls. I understand…truly I do. (Insert major sarcasm).

Anyway, when Bo and Colton (yay!) arrived he immediately began to work on the tire. Colton jumped into the truck with the girls (because they were all banned from getting out of the truck) and Bo and I began to see if this situation could be fixed. An hour later, we decided that there was no fixing this mess and we needed to call a wrecker.


By now, it was nearing 4:00 and I sent texts to the people who needed to know we wouldn’t be there tonight…and I called a wrecker.

At 7:04 Jed called to see what had happened to me. He had waited on me as long as he could, but he had to get his guys home and go measure a job in Mississippi. He offered to come help  me unload the truck if I needed him to. When I told him I still wasn’t home…he couldn’t believe it. Neither could I. What should have been a three hour round trip had turned into an eight hour disaster…and I still wasn’t home. And the wood still had to be unloaded. Only, it was loaded onto a trailer….that was now on the back of a wrecker…and we were closing in on dark.

Bo and Colton had gone back to Corner, Jed and his crew were long gone, and my kids were starving. What was I gonna do?

I did the only thing I knew at that moment…I called Amy. She offered to bring all of her guys and reassured me that we would get it done. That girl give me hope when there is no hope to be found sometimes…and I am forever grateful!

When I pulled into my driveway there was the whole Guin clan sitting there ready and waiting to help. Ray (the wrecker driver) unloaded my trailer…I backed up my truck…and we attacked that stuff like ants. We had kids, dogs, men, women, and even Amy’s parents helping to carry everything into the house. Even Ray helped tote boxes of wood!

About half-way through Aaron and Chris pulled up and they helped carry stuff into the house. By now it was pitch black dark, but we had put flashlights and a lamp from the trailer into the cabin so we could see some of what we were doing.

At 9:20 Bo called to see how we were making it. I told him we had just ordered pizza and that the whole neighborhood was chomping at the bit to eat!

Needless to say, when I finally was able to lay my tired head down last night I didn’t have any trouble going to sleep! If you are my Facebook friend you will have to check out the rest of the pictures. I don’t have time to load them all on here…but they are worth looking at if you get a chance!

I did learn several lessons yesterday…but the one that I will always remember is that I have family and friends who don’t mind going out of their way to help me. It doesn’t matter if it was a call, text, facebook message, or carrying wood…I was covered with love and concern through the whole ordeal. I can’t ever say thank you enough to every one of you who did those things…you all know who you are and I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Now…let’s see what today might hold! LOL…ya just never know with me…ya just never know!


About Emily Hubbert Webb

Hello!! Welcome to my Blog!! I am super excited that you are here and I can't wait to share my story with you!! If you have chaos in your life...you will love mine!! From family mishaps to grocery store mayhem, I have stories that I hope will inspire you to keep going and rely on God's help for every step of the way. Join me for laughs, hurts, and fun as I travel this road we call life!!

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