Wood! We have WOOD!!


Today was the day…the day that the first load of wood for the inside of the house arrived! I am so excited!! Seeing that truck pull into my driveway was a great moment. It has been a long road to get to this point, but finally we are ready to start closing this baby in!


This was the first of about four loads that we will need for the inside ceilings and walls. I’m super glad I had such good helpers to get it inside! It really didn’t take as long as I was thinking it would before they got here.


Piece by piece….



and little by little…



We moved all of that wood from the truck to this big stack inside of the house. I may have been excited about it…just a little.


Now, all we need are some nail guns and ladders! It’s time to put this stack on the ceiling! YaaaaaaHoooooooooooo!!!!


More posts detailing the progress in the next few weeks. Stay tuned…major changes should be happening soon! I can NOT wait to see how this is gonna look when I’m done! Can. Not. Wait!!!

























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