To All The Single Ladies


This post is dedicated to every single mom or woman out there. To every one of you who, like me have to figure out how to live life alone. It doesn’t matter if you are widowed, divorced, or never married…this post is for you!

Does anyone ever get frustrated? Like scream at the wall, throw a complete fit, walk around and kick stuff frustrated? I do! There are so many things that Greg did that made my life so much easier. And I miss him more every day! You may not miss the man that no longer lives in your house…or maybe you do. Either way it doesn’t change the fact that there’s not a man there anymore. And, honey this is a man’s world whether any of us want to believe it or not…that’s a fact.

I’m sure many of you…like me…just wish that life would be good again. Right? Like, just good not filled with drama or constant frustration. There were plenty of times that Greg and I would get mad at each other and fuss. Everyone does…nobody goes through marriage without fussing. But, as a whole our life was really good. I did not want him to die. I’m sure that other women wish their husbands wouldn’t have died either. Or left…or gave up. Or maybe you are still waiting to find Mr. Right. It doesn’t matter why you are alone…the fact still remains that life is not easy for single women and especially not for moms.

The amount of responsibility that a woman has to shoulder when she is alone…if she has children…is staggering. It is so hard not to just blow up at people who treat you like you don’t have a brain in your head. It is so hard to remain calm, cool, and collected when you can’t get the dang toilet unstopped after your child filled it up with toilet paper. It is so freaking HARD to get the laundry washed, dried, and folded (yeah, they make baskets and chairs for a reason…am I right?). It is so unbelievably hard to keep from throwing things at your children when you have asked them 7,000 times to pick up the dad-gum clothes and toys out of the floor. And, why in the world do they have to wear three shirts if they never left home today? REALLY? Who’s job do they think it is to wash all that mess?

Thankfully, I have a huge support system. I couldn’t make it without every person who is there for me on a daily basis. There are several who just go above and beyond. I appreciate it and so do my children…but it doesn’t erase the fact that life is just hard all of the time. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. It’s just one hard thing after another after another…with no end in sight. It. Is. Exhausting.

So, to all of you women out there who bravely get up everyday and keep going…YAY for You!! You are awesome…and strong…and powerful…and determined…and smart…and beautiful…and courageous…and encouraging…and you are winning the game of life by not giving up. No matter what brought you to this place…you beat the odds. You are still in the fight. You can do this…all of it!! You are the true rock stars and you deserve a flippin’ medal for doing what you do every, single day!!

Tonight, put a smile on your pretty little face, step over the clothes lying all over the floor, and fix you something warm filled with carbs and dripping with chocolate. Go take yourself a nice hot shower, put on your warmest (most comfortable) pj’s, and hit play on your favorite Pandora station. It is your night to put your feet up for a little while. YOU deserve it…YOU have MORE than earned it…and who cares if anything gets done in your house tonight. YOU MADE IT THROUGH THIS DAY IN ONCE PIECE!! YOU DID NOT KILL ANYONE!! YOUR CHILDREN ARE STILL GLAD TO CALL YOU MOM!! And, THAT sweet sisters is definitely something to celebrate!! Spoons in the air girls…We Made It Through Another Day!

About Emily Hubbert Webb

Hello!! Welcome to my Blog!! I am super excited that you are here and I can't wait to share my story with you!! If you have chaos in your will love mine!! From family mishaps to grocery store mayhem, I have stories that I hope will inspire you to keep going and rely on God's help for every step of the way. Join me for laughs, hurts, and fun as I travel this road we call life!!

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  1. Man I wish I had read this yesterday! It was my birthday and I SO needed to hear it (not that I needed another reason to eat that warm brownie covered with Blue Bell!!!😳) But I SO needed to hear it!!! My guys were great- showering me with breakfast in bed & little trinkets and “Happy Birthdays” & “I love yous” all day, but I threw a pity party b/c I didn’t get a cake! A flipping cake!!! It has been about 20 years since I had one, so I thought just maybe this year would be different. Apparently not! But there’s always next year👍🏻 It’s SO easy to feel overwhelmed and that no one understands or even cares to- no matter how much you give each day. I try so hard to make everything perfect for everyone, every day. So it’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one struggling! And that it doesn’t always have to be perfect- even birthdays😊 Thank you for your words, Em! Keep them coming!!!❤️


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