Another First…


We were greeted early this morning by Mar Mar, Jimbo, and Aunt Cathy. We had plans to work in the barn today, but they had to go see sweet Libby play some b-ball first. They just stopped by to drop some things off and make sure we didn’t waste any daylight!! After they left the girls and I ran to Jack’s in our pj’s (don’t judge!) and got a gravy biscuit. Jack’s gravy biscuits are pretty much a staple on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings around here…almost every time we hit the drive-thru in our pj’s. Yes, we are those people!

After we had our breakfast the girls helped me straighten up in the house. They played in their bedroom and watched War Room for the 9,875th time. (It really is wonderful!) The guys who are installing our heating and cooling units in the house were here working today as well. Around noon Mar Mar and Jimbo came back and we started working outside. Linnie had taken up with the H/C guys and they let her ‘help’ them under the house. She asked 7,000 questions and they seemed to enjoy answering them. She was always in Greg’s footsteps no matter what he was working on, so I was glad the guys didn’t seem to mind her ‘helping’ them. Maggie got her fishing pole out and talked Jimbo into fixing it up for her so she could go fishing. He was more than happy to help her set it up and I think he really wished he was fishing too instead of working!

We hung shelves in the barn; moved the majority of the shop stuff out of the shop into the barn; and tore down the turkey pen. Later, we rode the golf cart down to the pond. When we got back from the pond, the H/C guys were finishing up. They got all of the system in and the only thing we need now is the power company to hook up the power to the house! That’s progress!!!

After the guys left we manned the shop vacs and brooms. We got almost the whole inside of the house vacuumed out (we tripped a breaker with our extension cords!) and cleaned up before dark. It really seems like we are moving right along. The next big thing is to start hanging wood!! Yippee!!!

The girls played on the trampoline off and on all day. Right at dark they insisted that everyone come and watch their “show”. It was so cute. They had choreographed a routine complete with music. They even made popcorn and set up chairs so we could relax while they performed. And, they made a killing in tips from the audience! LOL! As we were walking into the trailer Linnie proclaimed, “This has been the BEST day EVER!”

And that was it…the first time since before September 20th that either one of my girls had:

                      1. Wanted to stay home all day on a Saturday

                      2. Played together all day without fussing, crying, or yelling at each other

                      3. Proclaimed a day at home “the best day ever”

Several well-meaning people have suggested since Greg died that we should sell our place and move. They saw the struggle we had even being here at home. It was much easier to just load up and leave every time we had any down time. Being here caused physical pain for all three of us. Greg’s love language was quality time and he wanted us with him if he was not working at the FD (we always went to see him or helped him when he was working on tile jobs). It didn’t matter if we were at home or out doing something fun…he just wanted us to be together. So, the reality of him not being with us at all has caused us a lot of heart-ache and pain when we were home alone without him.

The girls went to the farm the week after Christmas for five days and never once asked to go home. They didn’t even call me except once on New Year’s Eve. (Mama Maggie had to find out just what I was doing since they were partying without me at the farm.) Who could blame them for not wanting to go home? It was easier to stay where the memories didn’t constantly exist and they had fun rather than go home and face the reality of their lives without their Daddy. Seeing them enjoying a day at home today was so good for my heart. I have worried and prayed MANY prayers for all of us to be able to heal. Linnie’s proclamation tonight confirmed that we are making progress. Life won’t ever be the same, but at least we are all able to stay at home on a Saturday and enjoy it. This was a very happy first and more than welcome at the Hubbert casa today!



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