Roll Tide Bama Nation! Tonight is the big night and I for one am looking forward to number 16!! I have mixed feelings about Dabo Swinney though. He is such a good guy and being from the U of A originally is a big deal. I still hope Alabama gets that title though!

Bama games are such a big deal in my family. People go crazy preparing, cooking, and decorating for the games. I have an uncle that even named his game watching pad “The Process” in honor of Coach Saban! The Process is totally awesome and I’m sure it is loud over there tonight!

The girls and I are headed out to watch the game with some friends. I usually only watch Alabama Football in the comfort of my own home. It’s multi-faceted really. Remember, I’m the one screaming and jumping up and down on the couch! Greg always preferred to watch it at home and I always cooked chili or taco soup to eat. For the past 16 years that’s how we did it. We watched at home, ate good food, I screamed, he sat quietly in his chair, and it was all good.

I realize that I’m now in a new season of life. I looked back on my life today and saw two boxes. One box was filled with my childhood. The other was filled with my marriage. I’m standing in front of a box that is empty. I don’t know what will be put into this new box, but I know that I have to start filling it up with something. What better way than an Alabama National Championship Game?

So, here’s to a great football game! I have a feeling that the number 16 is significant. I look forward to a huge win and to starting this new season of life today.  We won’t eat chili or soup tonight. We won’t be watching at home in our pj’s. We will be with good friends and we will make a new memory to put into this new box. I can just hear Greg say, “Way to go, Em” and that makes me happy. The only problem I have is that we have successfully created two monsters who love Alabama football as much as their parents…I hope my friends will still love us when this game is over! Roll Tide Ya’ll!!

About Emily Hubbert Webb

Hello!! Welcome to my Blog!! I am super excited that you are here and I can't wait to share my story with you!! If you have chaos in your life...you will love mine!! From family mishaps to grocery store mayhem, I have stories that I hope will inspire you to keep going and rely on God's help for every step of the way. Join me for laughs, hurts, and fun as I travel this road we call life!!

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