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By now you realize…


I simply do not have enough time!! So, I will continue to post…just not everyday. Dreams happen over the course of time, not overnight! Hahaha!!

Today is Day 11 of my 24 Day challenge. I’ve lost 3 pounds and several inches (based on my clothes!). I will wait and officially measure on Day 24. I feel GREAT! My energy is up tremendously and I just feel good. Yay!!

Yesterday, a group of us crazy Advocare people got together and let me say…we had a BLAST!! A very special Thank You must be given to Carlton and Lisa Hardman for such a great AdvoBowl experience. I am so excited to be a member of such a great group of people!! The next big adventure will be Success School in February.

I. Can. Not. Wait.

Thanks for sticking with me on this journey…until my next 5 minutes come around…Em

So Far…So Good


Day 4 of Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge and so far it’s really good!! We are eating things we like a lot.



Mushrooms, Kale, and Egg Whites…well Greg ate that. I am not touching an egg. Period. So, I just ate a bowl of fruit (see it below)…



Whole wheat pasta with Kale and Lemons (YUUUUUMMMMM!!) yes, I would eat this everyday! Thanks Pinterest !!!



Something with Kale, Almonds, Brown Rice, and Chicken. It’s just something Greg threw together that actually was not bad at all.

And my favorite,


Grapes, Pineapples, and Strawberries

I’d say we’ve eaten pretty good so far. I can see this going somewhere…

Day 2….


Hmmmm, not a lot to post about today. It’s been a cold, dreary day here in Alabama. We head back to school in the morning, so being the Mommy of the Year that I am (yeah right!) I have fixed lunches, packed gym clothes, and cleaned the house tonight so that we are ready to GO in the morning.

I dread it. I know that alarm clock is going off at 5:30 and I’m not ready! Oh well, Christmas vacation can’t last forever…so it’s off to work we go!

At least I have my Spark waiting right there on the counter! I know my morning will be started right (nutritionally) anyway.

And, I’ve been reading ‘The Magic of Goals’ by Ronald L. Reynolds. This book is great. Short, simple to read, and extremely eye-opening!! You can get a copy on my Advocare site for $14.99 (+S/H). Check it out!! Loosing pounds…loosing inches…and gaining confidence!! One day at a time. Whoooo Hoooooo!!

Good night John Boy….

Happy New Year!


If the saying “what you do on New Years is what you will do all year” holds true….I should be one well rested human! Days where my car stays parked, the kids are allowed to play whatever they want all day, and I stay in PJs because I can are few and far between.

Loved it today!

No stress, worries, or appointments to keep. What? I didn’t think days like this really existed in our over scheduled, busy, hectic lives. We actually ate breakfast (at home!), watched Cinderella AND Dolphin Tale, and even took naps (plural). Yes, it’s been a great beginning to 2013!

Tomorrow….my Advocare 24 day challenge begins. I need prayers…because chocolate (as in Milk Chocolate) is not included in this life change. Sigh…milk chocolate has been a long time friend…thus the cellulite covering my thighs! Ha!! However, I know this is the smartest thing I’ve ever decided to do for myself…so here we go!

Getting fit and pretty for 2013…Join Me!