Monthly Archives: December 2012

Finding her again…


Hey!!! I’m looking for someone. She’s funny and cute. She’s competitive and honest. She’s sassy and H.O.T.!! This girl is confident, happy, and energetic. Laughing at challenges and conquering every fear. Where did she go? How will I find her? How did I loose her in the first place?

2013 will be the year I find her…Join me as I look for the girl I used to be…she’s here hiding I’m sure. Waiting, wanting to reappear…and she’s not alone!! There are millions of other girls (and guys!!) just like her out there waiting to be busted out of the mid-30 haze that has taken over what was her life. Bills, Babies, and Bumps (cellulite!) have taken over. Sad, sad, sad…but it doesn’t have to be this way!! I can change…and so can you!

I will be posting everyday in 2013. 365 days of discovery! I literally can not wait! Won’t you join me?