Monthly Archives: August 2011

Nothing is too Small


So, lately I have been really upset about a few things. Not big things, just “things”. You know how it is…everything seems to be going great and then BAM here comes something that you just were not expecting (or maybe you were) and everything gets all messed up. Well, that’s where I have been. Right smack in the middle of messed up. But, God proved to me that He is still in charge and that just because things seem crazy, does not mean He’s not in control.

Thank Goodness!! It feels better to know that I don’t have to be in control…I just give it to HIM and He takes care of everything!! So, no more pity party for me…I’m getting all geared up for what comes next…I just wonder what that will be exactly!! 🙂

Oh, and sorry it’s been a while since I wrote last. Like I said, it’s been kinda messed up. But, I do have a lot to share…World’s Longest Yard Sale (YES!!), our new addition (NO I’M NOT PREGO), and some really funny “Linnie-isms”. I don’t have time to catch all of that up tonight, but I will over the next few days…stay tuned…you don’t want to miss this!! 🙂