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Saturday Morning Traditions


It’s SATURDAY!!  I don’t know what you like to do on Saturday mornings…but there are a couple of things I love to do every Saturday. First, I wake my kids up early and we put on our shorts, t-shirts and hats (or just pony-tail it!) and we hit the road. Why? YARD SALES!!! I love to go to yard sales…I LOVE IT!! The excitement of the things that I “might” find for a dollar or less is so much fun! You would not believe the things that me, my mother, my sister’s (in-laws), my Aunt’s, and some of our close friends have found at yard sales!! Not only do we love going to Yard Sales, we love having yard sales where we make extra money so that we can GO to yard sales!! We have found treasures, junk, collectables, toys, tools, dishes, lamps, clothes, quilts, farm equipment (!!), furniture, electronics, outside play equipment, shelves, and the list goes on, and on, and on!!! Most of the things that I have in my house came from yard sales, thrift stores, or Dirt Cheap. Which leads me to another thing I love…

DIRT CHEAP!! If you haven’t ever shopped at Dirt Cheap you don’t know what you are missing!! There is not a single pillow, sheet, curtain, comforter, rag, towel, rug, mattress cover, or shower curtain in my house that did not come from Dirt Cheap!! Why? Because why would I ever pay full price for something when I can get it for more than half off at Dirt Cheap? And, the fact that all of the linens that Dirt Cheap has on stock are new in the package and come from places such as Target, Khol’s, Belk, JC Penny, Wal-Mart, and Macy’s makes for one stop shopping!! Here’s the catch…you can’t just walk into Dirt Cheap and expect to find that perfect bedspread for your daughter’s bedroom without doing your homework first! You have to go online and sign up for their mailing list. Then, when you get an e-mail saying that one of the Dirt Cheap locations in your area is getting linens you have to plan to be at the store at least an hour before they open. Wait in line, then GO and pile a buggy with as much stuff as you can!! Sound exciting…IT IS!! Just remember that other people are probably looking for specific stuff just like you, so if you know that you don’t need an item, put it back in the same general area that you found it. It really is that simple!! Oh, and when you look online it’s under “Hudson’s Dirt Cheap”!! You are welcome!!

Back to Saturday traditions. When I lived at home I would go to Yard Sales and then I would go by the local Doughnut shop and get a bag of doughnut holes with chocolate milk. My family still does this because they obviously still live close, but I live in a town that does not have this luxury. So… Maggie, Linnie, and I started our own tradition. We go get a gravy biscuit and OJ. Yummy!! And oh so filling!! Not good on the waistline, but those soft biscuits covered in country gravy are sooooooo good!!

Now, you know my secret! I have had so many people who have visited my house and said, “Oh I love that, where did you get it?” and “That is is pretty!” that I sometimes get embarrassed when I have to say “Yard Sale” or “Dirt Cheap”, but not anymore!! I love finding bargains and I love the hunt for new things. And I am way past excited about going to the World’s Longest Yard Sale next Saturday!!! I wonder what I’ll find…

What do you like to do on Saturday Mornings?

Things I learned while Shopping…


Shopping trip is complete. We now have all of our new supplies. However, I learned more during this shopping trip than I thought I would!!

First, Maggie is the Angry Birds Queen. Literally! As we were riding on the Interstate, she had my phone and played Angry Birds most of the way. This is normal, however she usually does not have my phone for such a long time. So when she first said “Look Mama”…and had 3 stars with 1 bird…I was like “That’s great Maggie”! Then, about every three to five miles she would pass another level…with 3 stars!!! I was AAAAMMMMAAAAZZZEEEDDDDD!! I said, “Maggie! How are you doing that? Are you on the same level?” “No, I’m just really good at this game”…!!!! I would have to say you are!!!

Second, I have a true little fashionista on my hands! We looked, we shopped, we tried on clothes for hours and she never complained once! The more we took into the dressing room, the more she liked it!! Some things we took in knowing there was no way we were gonna buy them, but it was fun to try them on anyway! Watching her in the 3 mirrors was fun!! She also tried on more shoes than I did. We would look and she would say “try this pair, they are cute”. Now, those of you who know me will understand that 3 inch sparkling heels are NOT my thing, but Maggie thinks they look good on me! Ha!! Talk about an ego boost!!

Third, my girl has a very tender heart. She notices small things and worries about things that I did not realize. She watches people and pays attention to things they do (or do not do) and just takes it in. When I told her that a $44.00 t-shirt was too expensive she said, “Ok”, shrugged her shoulders and put it back. Then, the next time she saw something she liked, she picked it up, looked at it, examined the tag and said, “Do you think this is too much? I like it, but is it too much?” Talk about melting my heart!! I was so proud of her and the fact that when I said “Yes” she put it back and walked away. She didn’t cry, stomp her feet, throw a fit or anything. Wow!! That was a proud Mama moment for me!! She is 5…so I’m sure my day is coming, but 13 ain’t here yet!! 🙂

Lastly, I learned that my girl is a pretty good girl. She is kind, patient, cooperative, and respectful. I praise God for this because He made her that way…not me! It is my sincere prayer that He will continue to guide her heart, mind, and soul as she enters into Public school. I pray she is protected from bullying and that she stands firm in her own faith in moments when that faith is questioned. And…I hope she does it with or without 3 inch sparkling heels!! 🙂


Getting Ready for Kindergarten!!


Welp, today I have cleaned, cleared, rearranged, and fought the depressing feelings all day. See, tomorrow is a very BIG day for us…for the first time ever I will be taking Maggie school shopping. Boooo Hoooo Hooooo!! In my mind she is still that little bitty girl who was born so sick and who needed her Mama for everything. Now, she is quite capable of doing pretty much everything all by herself.

Wash Hair….check
Fix a Snack…check
Pour Milk…check


I know this is probably very surprising for most of you who know me, but if you don’t here’s a few things that you might like to know.

1. I am a Teacher
2. I teach Special Education
3. I work with kids starting at age 3
4. Maggie is my oldest child
5. I am now in very different shoes!!

So, tomorrow we set out to buy crisp new crayons, brand spanking new scissors, Kleenex, Clorox Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, and other various items that I am sure will cost a fortune. We will buy new socks and shoes, hair bows, and clothes. We will find the perfect red/blue mat for rest time, and yes we will even buy new underwear. Then, we will come home and put M A G G I E on every single thing so that she knows what things are hers (as if it matters!!) and in a week I will load her up with me and head to school. Is she ready? Does she remember her letters and sounds? Are there going to be kids that she knows in her class? Will I get to see her at all? So many questions, fears, and doubts!! But, one thing that I know for sure…if she cries a little or holds on a little longer when I give her that last hug…I know and she knows that I love her with all my heart. And at the end of the day when I see her with her little backpack on and a huge smile on her face, I will love her even more. She is not a baby anymore, she’s my big girl and together we are ready to face any challenge that comes our way!!

First…we have some major shopping to do!! 🙂

Come On In!!


Here’s the thing, it’s Tuesday and there are lots of things to do today. Washing dishes, vacuuming the floor, getting the kids up and out the door. Then, work at the store, take dinner to a friend, and finish Week 7’s project…all before midnight!! Wish me luck…what are YOU doing today?